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  • We could trade my Dragonite for your Zorua and Deino right now if you want.
    You'll have to clone Dragonite yourself and return me the orginial immediatly, though.
    You have... interesting trade fodder :p Thanks a TON for doing the breeding project, you don't want to know how long I've been looking for this specific Zubat :D
    Yeah, Brobat is the name :) What was the 3d pokemon you were after by the way? You mentioned you wanted Shinx and Exeggcute, but you never mentioned what the 3d pokemon was. Let me know so I can get them cloned :)
    You'd need to breed a Zubat in 4th gen with Brave Bird and Roost (or just Brave Bird as Roost is a TM) and teach him Super Fang through the move tutor. It's not possible to breed roost onto zubat at all in 5th gen unfortunately.
    Great, looking forward to your message :) Would it be possible for you to nickname the pokemon "Brobat" before you transfer him?
    Thanks for responding to my breeding project request. It's a fairly specific project, so if you're able to do it I'll gladly offer you all 3 pokemon you are interested in. Being done on an emulator is no problem for me, as long as the pokemon is legit. It doesn't specify in my thread, but I'd want the Zubat to be flawless too (aside from the special attack stat). If that's no problem for you then let me know and we'll work out the specifics :)
    Hello, I was wondering if you are able to trade now. I got 5 pokemon waiting for you unless you changed your mind on any of them
    Im so sorry, didn't mean to skip you. The timid exeggute is female, the bold exeggute is male, both dratinis are female, and gliscor is female.
    Actually could I just get the three monkeys then since I can only trade on my black version currently. VM me when you are online and Ill get on :).
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